A FlexDeploy Group represents a set of global permissions defining the authority its users have. All users having membership to the group inherit its permissions. The FlexDeploy installation creates an administration group (FD Administrators), which is assigned to initial administrator user name created during registration. This group is granted full administrative privileges and is the only group which has access to create/edit groups and users.

Before creating any groups, it is recommended to spend the time to determine the granularity of roles required by your company so you will have the appropriate security in place when you begin onboarding users.

Searching Groups

Select Administration -> Security -> Groups from the menu.

By default, all groups are displayed in the search results. To refine the search results, select one or more criteria options and click the Search button. Select the Any radio button to indicate the search results should include groups matching any of the specified criteria, or select the All radio button to indicate that the search results should only include groups matching all of the specified criteria. Click the Reset button to clear the search criteria form.

Viewing Group Memberships

Select Administration -> Security -> Groups from the menu.

To view the users who are members of a group, select the group and click the Group Membership button.

To export the list of users to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, click the Export button.

Creating/Editing Groups

Select Administration -> Security -> Groups from the menu.

To create a new group click the Create button or copy an existing group by clicking the clone icon next to a group name. To edit an existing group, select that group and click the Edit button.

Enter the required Group details as described in the table below.

Field Name





The name of the group.



A description for the group.



Whether the group is active or not. Defaults to "Yes".

Created On


The date and time the group was created (read only).

Created By


The user who created this group (read only).

Updated On


The date and time the group was last updated (read only).

Updated By


The user who last updated this group (read only).

Global Permissions

Global Permissions define the authority a group (and its users) has for the various objects within FlexDeploy. The FlexDeploy Administrator has all privileges across the FlexDeploy system. To designate the group as a FlexDeploy Administrator, select the FlexDeploy Administrator checkbox. Additionally, few permissions are only available to FlexDeploy Administrator users, like setting up Security details (users, groups, realms etc.).

For each FlexDeploy object, select the necessary checkboxes indicating which permissions should be granted to the group. The table below provides a description for the various permission types. Note that each FlexDeploy object may only have subset of these permissions.

Permission Type


Page View

Allows opening the pages, but not necessarily seeing any objects on the pages.


Allows viewing the contents of objects.


Allows updating the contents of existing objects.


Allows creating new objects and updating existing objects.


Allows uploading file to create new objects.


Allows deleting existing objects.

Create SnapshotAllows creating release snapshots.
Configure Project ListAllows managing the projects on releases.
Configure PipelineAllows configuring the pipeline on releases.
Configure CMSAllows changing the CMS settings on releases.
Manage LifecycleAllows starting, pausing, and ending releases.
Grant PermissionsAllows modifying the permissions on releases. This allows some users to have access to certain parts of certain releases.
View TrackingAllows viewing webhook messages page.
View Message LogsAllows viewing logs of a webhook message.
View Message DetailsAllows viewing of the payload, query params and headers of an incoming webhook message.
Resubmit MessageAllows resubmitting a webhook message.

The Select Read-only button provides a shortcut for selecting all permissions that effectively grant the group read permissions to every FlexDeploy object.

Deployment Permissions for Environments

If you wish to configure specific environments where you would like groups to have permission to deploy to, click the 'Deployment Permissions' tab of the Edit Group screen.  Any environments you want the group to have authority to deploy to, shuttle to the 'Selected Environments' side of the the shuttle box.  By default, the 'All Environments' checkbox is checked.

Click Save to save updates and navigate back to previous screen. Click Apply to save updates and stay on edit user screen. Click Back to go back to previous screen without saving anything.