ServiceNow Integration

This guide will walk through various steps to enable ServiceNow based change approval process for individual project and/or pipeline executions.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1 is always necessary. Step 2 and 3 talk about controlling individual project deployments and Step 5 talks about controlling entire release execution.

  1. Define ServiceNow instance.
  2. Create change management system configurations for Folder, Application or Project. Configurations are inherited by child objects, i.e. if you configure this at FlexDeploy folder on project screen, it will apply to all projects till it is overridden at some level. See Change Management System (Folder), Change Management System (application) or Change Management System (project). You can enable requirement of change number for individual environments or all environments.
  3. Create external approval requirement preferably at same folder where change management system configuration was done on step 2 above. See Creating/Editing an External Approval.
  4. Now you are ready to submit deployment for project.
  5. You can also configure change management at Release level and use External Approval Gate in specific stage of pipeline.

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