FlexDeploy Browser Extension

Flexagon offers a browser extension for sending webhooks to your FlexDeploy instance, allowing you to trigger actions in FlexDeploy from any URL through the extension popup window. This enables you to send webhooks from applications where native outgoing webhooks aren’t yet supported. The extension has the ability to grab content from the browser window as well, so you’re able to send relevant attributes in the webhook payload for FlexDeploy to perform desired actions. There are base actions for Oracle APEX, ORDS, OIC, and OBIEE, which will collect some relevant values from the page automatically and make the process even easier.

The extension is currently available for Chrome and Firefox. It is independent of your FlexDeploy version and will work for all FlexDeploy versions which support incoming webhooks.

Supported Browser Versions





Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox


Browser Extension Topics

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