Connection Pool XUDML File Replacement

You can either

  1. Save XUDML file during build operation as artifact, or
    1. Use SCM operation to export file and save it as artifacts. Artifacts are available at deployment time.
  2. Extract it from SCM during deploy workflow or
    1. Use SCM operation to export XUDML file prior to running deploy operation.
  3. Use absolute path to location on server. (not recommended as it requires manual setup on server)

Connection Pool XUDML File Details

  • Connection pool XUDML file can use FlexDeploy variables. See Property Replacement Support. You can use any property available in FlexDeploy or configure user defined property on Workflow Properties section.
  • It is possible that you may be using variable for ds, user, password inside connection pool, in which case you just need variables replacement in your file.

Generating the Connection Pool XUDML FIle

Example Command

biserverxmlgen -C -N -P <Password> -R <RPD File Name> -O <Connection Pool output file name> -8

Adding Values for Replacement in XUDML File

Sample Connection Pool XUDML File
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<Repository xmlns:xsi="">
<ConnectionPool name="SampleApp_Lite_Xml" parentName=""Sample App Lite Data"" parentId="3023:3" id="3029:196" user="${{OBI_SAL_USER}}" password="${{OBI_SAL_PASSWORD}}" 
timeout="4294967295" maxConnDiff="10" maxConn="10" dataSource="${{OBI_SAL_DSN}}" type="NQSXML" reqQualifedTableName="false" isSharedLogin="false" isConcurrentQueriesInConnection="false" 
isCloseAfterEveryRequest="true" xmlRefreshInterval="2147483647" outputType="xml" ignoreFirstLine="false" bulkInsertBufferSize="0" transactionBoundary="0" xmlaUseSession="false" multiThreaded="false" supportParams="false" isSiebelJDBSecured="false">
<Description><![CDATA[SampleAppLite connection pool to XML datasource. This connection pool points the database to the location where physical XML files are stored. The location uses the value of an RPD variable : NQ_SESSION.SERVICEINSTANCEROOT.

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