package (Helm)

This operation packages a chart into a versioned chart archive file.

Environment/Instance Properties

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription

Project Properties

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription


Input NameInput CodeRequiredDescription
Chart NameFDHLM_INP_CHART_NAMENoA path to chart. If no path is given, this will look in the present working directory for a Chart.yaml file
VersionFDHLM_INP_VERSIONNoSets the version on the chart
Update dependenciesFDHLM_BUID_DEPENDENCIESNoUpdate dependencies from "requirements.yaml" to dir "charts/" before packaging
Custom optionsFDHLM_INP_OPTIONSNoAny custom options to add to Helm Package command


Output NameDescription

Artifacts (Keep one and edit if desired.)

This operation produces artifacts that will be stored in the artifacts repository.

Endpoint Selection (Keep one and edit if desired.)

This operation delegates the selection to the workflow developer to determine.

Endpoint Execution (Keep one and edit if desired.)

This operations delegates the execution to the workflow developer to decide.

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