runTestScan (Acunetix)

Runs an Acunetix scan and returns scan information. Returns passed or failed based on the Threat Level Input. If the scan finds a vulnerability with a threat that is higher than or equal to the threat level input the FDACUNETIX_TEST_SCAN_RESULT output will return 'FAILED'.

Analysis Tool Account Properties

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription
Acunetix URLFDACUNETIX_ACUNETIX_URLYesURL of Acunetix server. Example https://HOSTNAME:PORT


Input NameInput CodeRequiredDescription
Threat LevelFDACUNETIX_INP_THREAT_LEVELNoFail the operation if scan has at least one of the certain threat level or higher. Threat level must be "high", "medium", "low", or "info".
Scanning Profile IdFDACUNETIX_INP_PROFILE_IDYesId of the scanning profile type that is to be used in the scan.
Target IdFDACUNETIX_INP_TARGET_IDYesId of the target that is to be scanned.
Report Template IdFDACUNETIX_INP_REPORT_TEMPLATE_IDNoId of the template for the report that is to be generated after the scan is completed.


Output NameDescription
FDACUNETIX_SCAN_IDThe Id of the scan that was created.
FDACUNETIX_THREAT_LEVELThe highest vulnerability threat level found in the scan. 
FDACUNETIX_STATUSThe status of the scan matching the scan Id.
FDACUNETIX_SEVERITY_COUNTSThe severity counts of the scan matching the scan Id.
FDACUNETIX_PROGRESSThe progress of the scan matching the scan Id.
FDACUNETIX_TARGETThe target of the scan matching the scan Id.
FDACUNETIX_TEST_SCAN_RESULTThe result of the test scan based on the scan's threat level and the threat level input. If the scan threat level is equal or higher than the threat level input the scan will be failed. Returns a string of "PASSED" or "FAILED".


This operation doesn’t consume or produce any artifacts.

Endpoint Selection

This operation will select all available endpoints associated to the environment/instance.

Endpoint Execution

This operation will execute on any one of the selected endpoints and will be random in the determination of which one.

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