An operation for running Cucumber tests.

Test results will be converted to FlexDeploy tests results and available in FlexDeploy UI.

This runs Cucumber 5.1.3

Environment/Instance Properties

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription

Project Properties

Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription


Input NameInput CodeRequiredDescription
Path to Feature FilesFDCUCUMBER_PATH_TO_FEATURE_FILESYThe path to the .feature files (e.g. /tests). If a relative path is given it is assumed it is in FD_TEMP_DIR.
Package NameFDCUCUMBER_PACKAGE_NAMEYPackage name (e.g. com.flexagon.flexdeploy). Make sure your folders are layed out in this way. i.e. if a class is in the com.flexagon.flexdeploy package make sure it is in the com/flexagon/flexdeploy folder. This will look in all the lower packages i.e. if a class is in com.flexagon.flexdeploy and you put com.flexagon it will still find it.

The ClassPath for your compiled Step Definitions. Use the Java ClassPath separator. ';' on Windows and ':' on Unix systems to separate multiple files/directories. Wildcards are not supported. However any Jar files in a given directory will be added to the ClassPath instead of that directory. If an absolute path is given it will assume it is inside of FD_TEMP_DIR.

  • Windows Example
    • User Input: "classes;c:\\libraries\\;"
    • ClassPath derived: FD_TEMP_DIR\\classes;c:\\libraries\\library.jar;c:\\libraries\\anotherlibrary.jar
  • UNIX Example
    • User Input: "classes:lib/abc.jar:/opt/app/tomcat/lib/:"
    • ClassPath derived: FD_TEMP_DIR/classes:FD_TEMP_DIR/lib/abc.jar:/opt/app/tomcat/lib/library.jar:/opt/app/tomcat/lib/anotherLibrary.jar


Output NameDescription


This operation consumes artifacts from the artifacts repository.

Endpoint Selection

This operation delegates endpoint selection to the workflow developer. The workflow editor will default the selection to "All", which selects all available endpoints associated to the environment instance.

Selecting a specific resource will result in selection of endpoints associated to the environment instance which have that resource defined

Endpoint Execution

This operation delegates endpoint execution to the workflow developer. The workflow editor will default to "Any", which will execute on any one of the selected endpoints, which will be randomly picked from selected endpoints or a specific endpoint where previous step may have executed. Changing this value to "All" to will result in execution on all selected endpoints.

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