GIT Instance Creation (Weblogic Resources)

At the completion of this section, you will:

SCM Instances are specialized repository based Instance that contains the base information to be able to connect to the GIT repository.  SCM Instances are not Environment specific and only need to be configured once, thus SCM Instances are not part of the Topology Overview.  Application projects will utilize this GIT Instance  specific repository paths will be handled in the next section.

Viewing the current list of SCM Instances accomplished by selecting Topology from the menu, then selecting Integrations from the left menu and the Source Control tab.

Select the + in the upper right corner to create and configure a new GIT Instance.  Configure the following:

  1. Instance Code
  2. Instance Name
  3. SCM Type
  4. Git URL
  5. Git User
  6. Git Password

Save the configuration.

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