Migrate FlexDeploy to new Server and Database

This process is useful in many situations, for example, Initial proof of concept completed and production installation needs to be done on different Server and Database.

These steps are provided as guidelines and extreme care must be taken during such migrations. This process is setup for Tomcat but variation of this process can be applied to WebLogic as well.

Make sure source environment is Stopped before proceeding so that we have accurate copy.

Export Import Database & Copy Artifact Repository

  • Export data from source FlexDeploy database.
  • Import data in to target FlexDeploy database.

Copy Artifact Repository and Application Binaries

Goal is to just copy the installation and artifact repository to target server. If artifacts and install is done under one common folder, then you can just create one tar for entire set of folders.

  • Make backup of artifact repository folder and application install folder using tar/zip commands on Source. FlexDeploy. For example,
cd /flexdeploy/artifacts
tar -czvf /app/backup/flexdeploy_artifacts.tar.gz *
  • Copy tar file to target FlexDeploy server and extract it in same location as source. If location is different, some files may need adjustment. (For example, setenv.sh)
cd /flexdeploy/artifacts
rm -rf *
tar -xzvf /app/backup/flexdeploy_artifacts_prod.tar.gz

Final configuration and start server

Do not start yet as copied installation is still pointing to source database.

  • Update context.xml with target database URL and password for fd_admin user.
  • Now start target FlexDeploy and validate it.
  • Update System Settings as appropriate.
    • Change FD_SERVER_BASE_URL.
    • Change SMTP_FROM_ADDRESS. This will make sure that emails are coming from different address for Test FlexDeploy.
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