Environment Instance Property Variables

Environment Instance property variables are available in Workflow Editor (UI), Shell Plugins, and Script based plugins.

Variable Name


<Instance Code>_<Property Name>

Value of property defined on current environment and a particular instance.

Workflow is executed for specific Environment and Instance, so this value is for executing Environment Instance.

If Project has overridden value for specific Property, overridden value is returned.

Properties on build/deploy target instance do not need to be instance-qualified.

Unix Shell

The below snippet is an example of to get the FDSVN_URL property for the SAMPLEAPPS instance.

Use ${variable_name} to find value for specific instance.

  • myinstance='SAMPLEAPPS'
  • myproperty='FDSVN_URL'
  • mydynamicvar=${myinstance}_${myproperty}
  • echo ${mydynamicvar}


Find value for specific instance
Find property from currently executing instance
Lookup a FDSVN_URL for SAMPLEAPPS instance
svnUrl=""; lookupkey="SAMPLEAPPS" + "_FDSVN_URL"; if (binding.variables.containsKey(lookupkey)) { svnUrl=getProperty(lookupkey);}; return svnUrl;
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