Loading FlexDeploy Plugins

After completing the FlexDeploy installation, you will want to load one or more plugins which were provided with the installation distribution (within /plugins folder).  You may simply choose to load them all, or you may prefer to load only the ones which you plan to use.  You can always load them one at a time using the Administration->Plugins menu.  However, if you want to load many, or all, of them that can be a bit tedious, as there are over 50 plugins available.

To load them in bulk, copy the .jar files for the desired plugins from the /plugin folder of your distribution to <FlexDeploy Server Working Directory>/plugins (you will need to create this folder). These plugins will be automatically uploaded and activated in a minute or two.  As the plugins are uploaded and activated, they are moved to <FlexDeploy Server Working DIrectory>/uploadedplugins (this directory is automatically created).  It can take a few minutes to complete the upload/activation process.

You can view the number of loaded plugins on the FlexDeploy homepage.

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