Deploys any combination of Menu, Form, Library, Report, and other files to a Forms and Reports server. Source files are copied to Stage directory and compiled in to Destination directory. Compiled and source files can be kept in different or the same locations based on project property values.

Deploy operation must be executed on Forms server as it copies files to destination folders and performs compilation.

For partial deploy, files will be moved under the directory specified include path that is part of File Name. For example, if your File Name is /forms/employeedetail.fmb and stage directory is /u01/app, then final file path will be /u01/app/forms/employeedetail.fmb.

Environment/Instance Properties

Property Name

Property Code



Oracle Forms Source Script



Path to an Oracle Forms environment file (e.g.
/u01/app/oracle/middleware/user_projects/domains/ClassicDomain/config/fmwconfig/servers/WLS_FORMS/applications/formsapp_11.1.2/config/default.env). On Linux environment, this property is required.

On a Windows environment, the environment must be set manually before running the plugin.

Oracle Forms Database UserFDOFR_DB_USERYesDB User to connect with privileges. (e.g. apps).
Oracle Forms Database PasswordFDOFR_DB_PASSWORDYesDB Password for Oracle Forms Database User.
Oracle Forms Database TNS NameFDOFR_DB_TNS_NAMEYesTNS Name for the DB. May need to be defined in tnsnames.ora.

Project Properties

Property Name

Property Code



Oracle Forms Custom Classpath AdditionsFDOFR_FORMS_CLASSPATHNoAdditional classpath to add when compiling Forms, Menus, and Libraries.

The following properties are DESTINATION properties. They set where the (compiled for Forms, Menus, and Libraries) files are copied on the deploy server. If Destination property is not specified, first path value from FORMS_PATH environment variable will be used as default Destination directory.

If no STAGE properties are set, the Forms, Menus, and Libraries source files will also be placed in the same Destination directory.

Oracle Forms Destination DirectoryFDOFR_FORMS_DESTINATION_DIRNoTarget directory for compiled Form files (fmx). (e.g. /u01/app/oracle/middleware/FR_home/forms)
Oracle Libraries Destination DirectoryFDOFR_LIBRARY_DESTINATION_DIRNoTarget directory for Library files (plx). (e.g. /u01/app/oracle/middleware/FR_home/libraries)
Oracle Menus Destination DirectoryFDOFR_MENUS_DESTINATION_DIRNoTarget directory for compiled Menu files (mmx). (e.g. /u01/app/oracle/middleware/FR_home/menus)
Oracle Reports Destination DirectoryFDOFR_REPORTS_DESTINATION_DIRNoTarget directory for report files (rep). (e.g. /u01/app/oracle/middleware/FR_home/reports)
Other Files Root Destination DirectoryFDOFR_OTHER_FILES_ROOT_DESTINATION_DIRNoTarget directory for other files (unknown files). (e.g. /u01/app/oracle/middleware/FR_home/other)

The following properties are STAGE properties. They are used to copy the source files on the deploy server. For example, fmb files are copied to Stage directory and compiled fmx files are copied to Destination directory.

Oracle Forms Stage DirectoryFDOFR_FORMS_ROOT_STAGE_DIRNoStage folder where uncompiled Form files (fmb) are kept. (e.g. /u01/app/oracle/middleware/FR_home/forms)
Oracle Libraries Stage DirectoryFDOFR_LIBRARY_ROOT_STAGE_DIRNoStage folder where uncompiled Library files (pll, pld) are kept. (e.g. /u01/app/oracle/middleware/FR_home/libraries)
Oracle Menus Stage DirectoryFDOFR_MENUS_ROOT_STAGE_DIRNoStage folder where uncompiled Menu files (mmb) are kept. (e.g. /u01/app/oracle/middleware/FR_home/menus)


Input Name

Input Code




Output Name




This operation consumes artifacts from the BuildForms operation

Endpoint Selection

This operation delegates endpoint selection to the workflow developer. The workflow editor will default the selection to "All", which selects all available endpoints associated to the environment instance. Selecting a specific resource will result in selection of endpoints associated to the environment instance which have that resource defined.

Endpoint Execution

This operation delegates endpoint execution to the workflow developer. The workflow editor will default to "Any", which will execute on any one of the selected endpoints, which will be randomly picked from selected endpoints or a specific endpoint where previous step may have executed. Changing this value to "All" to will result in execution on all selected endpoints.

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