Source Control Options

While FlexDeploy supports a half dozen Source Control Management system types, blueprints currently manage the most popular ones.

The Blueprint will collect the information required to create the connection.  In addition, the project's source details will be configured with SCM specifc properties.  


For Subversion, the Trunk Path defines the location within the repository that contains the "trunk" branch for the project's source. 


For Git, the Sparse Checkout Folder defines the sub-tree of the repository which contains the project's source.


For Microsoft TFS, the Main Script defines the location under the collection which contains the project's source.

Git Discovery

Specific for Git, there is the option to directly connect to a provider to more easily define a source control connection with FlexDeploy.

Simply select your provider, enter your credentials and view a list of all your repos and optionally specify a Sparse Checkout Folder.

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