Copy Plugins for Auto Upload

FlexDeploy download zip contains plugin jar files (application/plugins for Tomcat download and plugins for Weblogic download). You just need to copy plugins from download zip to plugins folder folder shown below & they will be automatically uploaded and activated on the Server startup.

This is very useful during initial install as well as when upgrading FlexDeploy, as there may be many new plugins or versions available as part of new FlexDeploy release, but you can use the procedure any time.

  • Locate flexagon.fd.install.root folder for your FlexDeploy installation, which is FlexDeploy working directory. This is specified on the Java command line. For example, -Dflexagon.fd.install.root=c:/temp/flexdeploy/application.
    • For Tomcat, you can look for this information in setenv.bat or file depending whether using Windows or Unix.
    • For Weblogic, find it in the managed server startup settings.
  • Create plugins folder, if it does not exist under this folder.

  • Copy the desired plugins from the extracted zip file /plugins to this location. Tomcat and WebLogic download zip files have plugins stored in different locations.
    • Tomcat Download - application/plugins
    • WebLogic Download - plugins

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