A release is a software delivery milestone, containing a collection of related or unrelated projects enabling new or updated features/capabilities.  

Select Releases from the menu to view and define your releases.




The name of the release.


The current status of the release.  Status are:

  • Not Started - the release is not yet started, and is not eligible to process snapshot
  • Started - the release is eligible to process snapshots
  • Suspended - the release has been paused, and is not currently eligible to process snapshots
  • Completed - the release has ended, and will never process snapshots again (cannot be resumed).

Start Date

The date and time in which the release was started.
End DateThe date and time in which the release was ended/completed.
PipelineThe pipeline which is used to process snapshots for the release.
Latest SnapshotThe last snapshot which was created for this release.

See topics below for more details on managing release.

To view the snapshots for the release, click on the snapshot  link in the Latest Snapshot column for the target release.