EBS Object Types - XML Definition Files (XDF)

XDF is used to store high-dimensional data and information related to it in compact XML format. The purpose is to have interchangeable and high quality format that can be used as a main archive format for this kind of data.

Object Type Identification

  • Files with extension .xdf are considered regardless of location.

File Extensions

File content is also further analyzed by populate process.

.xdfXML Definition File for storing high-dimensional data and related information.

Object Type

XML Definition Files (XDF)XDF

Object Type Attributes

NameCodeDescriptionDefault ValueSupported Values
SourceSOURCEObject Source Location Type


Target LocationTARGET_LOCATIONPath to where the file should be deployed to.$<PROD_TOP>/patch/115/xdf/
Primary Object Schema PropertyPRIMARY_OBJECT_SCHEMAFlexDeploy property to use as the user to connect to the database with.

If the xdf file contains "Primary Object Schema Name :"

then the value becomes

FDEBS_SCHEMA${SCHEMA_NAME}_DB_USERsee note1 otherwise it defaults to


Primary Object Password Property

PRIMARY_OBJECT_PASSWORDFlexDeploy property to use as the password for the DB User Property.

If the xdf file contains "Primary Object Schema Name :"

then the value becomes

FDEBS_SCHEMA${SCHEMA_NAME}_DB_PASSWORDsee note1 otherwise it defaults to


JDBC ProtocolJDBC_PROTOCOLDriver type for the database.thinthin | oci8
Object TypeTYPEXDF Object Typeallall | table | qtable | mview | mviewlog | sequence | type | trigger | view | policy

Path to where the xsl folder is located.

Target File PermissionsFILE_PERMISSIONSPermissions to apply to the file after it is deployedDefaults to the project property FDEBS_FILE_PERMISSIONS


If the FDEBS_SCHEMA${SCHEMA_NAME}_DB_USER and FDEBS_SCHEMA${SCHEMA_NAME}_DB_PASSWORD properties are used, these properties need to be added to the workflow as user defined environment/instances properties and then configured on the topology screen.

Related Project Properties

NameCodeDescriptionDefault Value
File PermissionsFDEBS_FILE_PERMISSIONSTarget File Permission. Will be set to target file after deployment using chmod. eg: 755

Sample Build Commands 

N/A - Build commands not supported for this type.

Sample Deploy Commands 

cp "$SOURCE_FILE" "$XXHR_TOP/patch/115/xdf/";
java oracle.apps.fnd.odf2.FndXdfCmp $FDEBS_DB_USER $FDEBS_DB_PASSWORD $FDEBS_DB_USER $FDEBS_DB_PASSWORD thin "$AD_APPS_JDBC_URL" all "$XXHR_TOP/patch/115/xdf/POS_BANK_PAYEE_BO.xdf" $FND_TOP/patch/115/xdf/xsl
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