REST V1 Project Response


projectNameStringThis is the name of the project.
applicationIdStringThis is the type of the project.
isActiveBooleanThis is a Boolean that tracks whether or not the project is active. Null input defaults to true.
descriptionStringThis is the group of the project.
partialDeploymentBooleanThis is the subgroup of the project. Null input defaults to false.
priorityIntegerThis is the description of the project.
projectTypeStringThis is the id of the active version of the workflow. Must be a valid project type.
scmTypeStringThis specifies the source control management system used by this project. Must be a valid source control management system.
priorityScopeStringThis specifies the priority scope of the current project. Either 'Global', 'Folder' or 'Application'
buildWorkflowIdLongThis Long specifies the id of the build workflow used by this project.
buildInstanceIdLongThis id the build instance used by this project.
utilityWorkflowIdLongThis id specifies the utility workflow used by this project.
utilityInstanceIdsList<Long>This id specifies the utility instance used by this project.
deployWorkflowIdLongThis id specifies the deployment workflow used by this project.
deployInstanceIdsList<Long>This is a list of id's which identify the deployment instances for this project.
streamsList<Long>This is a list of id's which identify the Project Streams associated with this project.
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