Composite Revision Purge

The composite revision purge will undeploy specific revisions based on the "Composite Revisions To Keep" environment/instance property, defaulted to 1.  The retained revisions will start at the default revision and retain composites until the property value is met.  If there are more recent revisions than the default revision, those recent revisions will also be retained but will not count against the property value.  Default revision is bold and Composite Revisions To Keep is 2.

Revision Ex 1Action
Revision Ex 2Action
1.02kept due to property count
1.03kept due to default revision
1.04kept due to property count
1.04kept due to more recent than default revision
1.05kept due to default revision
1.05kept due to more recent than default revision

In addition, the Preview Mode For Purge input can activate the preview feature that will show the revisions that would have been purged in the logs.  No purge will occur in preview mode.

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