EBS Object Types Reference

FlexDeploy has support for commonly used EBS customizations and functional setups. This page provides a detailed summary of the behaviors, configuration, and customization features for each EBS object type. The attributes and build/deploy commands are generated by FlexDeploy automatically, following Oracle standards, and using related project files. However, these commands can be overridden, if desired, to perform non-standard actions. Build commands are used for object types which support sourcing the object from the EBS build instance.

Sample build/deploy commands are also provided for each EBS object type to help you understand how the objects are migrated across EBS instances.

File extension and location in source is used to derive Object Type for each file. File extension references are also listed for each Object Type in their respective pages below. For example, file with ldt extension will be considered as of AOL type.

Object Types

  1. Oracle Application Framework (OAF) JAVA
  2. Oracle Application Framework (OAF) MDS
  3. Concurrent Program SQLs
  4. Java Stored Procedures
  5. DB Objects (SQLs)
  6. XML Definition Files (XDF)
  7. SQL*Loader
  8. Java Loader Text (JLT)
  9. Application Object Library (AOL)
  10. Forms
  11. Reports
  12. Workflow Definitions
  13. Workflow XMLs
  14. Libraries
  15. Publisher Files
  16. Program Files
  17. Font Files
  18. Scripts
  19. Script With Execution
  20. Perl Modules
  21. Media Files
  22. Web ADI
  23. HTML (Web) Files
  24. Functional Setups
  25. Other Files
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