Viewing Existing Pipelines

To view the list of available pipelines, select Pipelines from the menu.  To narrow the list of pipeline versions in the search results, enter one or more search parameters and click the Search button.  To clear the search parameters click the Reset button. 



Search Parameters

MatchWhether to show results matching "All" parameters, or if "Any" parameter matches.  Default is "All".
Pipeline NameName of the pipeline.
Version DescriptionVersion Description of the latest version.


Pipeline Search Results



Currently Active

Indicates whether the pipeline version is currently active or not.  The active pipeline version will be used for all executions.

Pipeline Name

The name of the pipeline.

Pipeline Version

The system-generated version identifier of the pipeline version.

Version Description

A free-form description of the pipeline version.
Read-onlyWhether or not the pipeline version is read-only.  If a pipeline version is active, or has ever been active, it is read-only and you must make a copy to make modifications. 
Updated ByThe user who last updated the pipeline version.
Updated OnThe last update date/time of the pipeline version.


See Creating/Editing a Pipeline Version.