Manual Step

The Manual step creates a task for the assigned group, and blocks until the task is either approved or rejected (either through the release dashboard or via the REST API).  This is useful when there are manual steps which must be performed in between automated steps executing within a stage.



Step Name

The name of the step.


An optional description for the step.

Assigned Role

The pipeline role which is assigned to this manual step.

Estimated DurationEstimated time (in minutes) to complete the task.  Informational only.

An optional Groovy script which determines whether the gate or step is applicable during execution.  The script has access to variables and methods listed in the expression drop-down.  The script must return true if the gate/step is applicable, or false otherwise.  If no script is provided, the default is to return true (applicable).

ContinueIf checked, any failure will be ignored, and the pipeline execution will continue.
Notify Pipeline RoleSelects one or more roles from the pipeline definition to notify in case of error.  Default role members are defined on the pipeline, and optional overridden for each release.


Completing manual steps via the REST API is not supported at this time.