Execute All Utility Step

The Execute All Utility step executes all utility projects in the release, taking into account the priority (set on the release projects).



Step Name

The name of the step.


An optional description for the step.

Project GroupsIdentifies which group or groups from the snapshot to deploy.  The project groups are defined by the pipeline, and tagged on the projects/packages in the release.  If no groups are specified, all projects/packages from the snapshot will be included.
Exclude Project GroupsSkip deploying any projects/packages from the snapshot which are tagged in the release with the selected project group(s).  Available project groups are defined by the pipeline.

An optional Groovy script which determines whether the gate or step is applicable during execution.  The script has access to variables and methods listed in the expression drop-down.  The script must return true if the gate/step is applicable, or false otherwise.  If no script is provided, the default is to return true (applicable).

ContinueIf checked, any failure will be ignored, and the pipeline execution will continue.
Notify Pipeline RolesSelects one or more roles from the pipeline definition to notify in case of error.  Default role members are defined on the pipeline, and optional overridden for each release.


The Execute All Utility step uses the priority for each project/package contained within the release.  If an execution fails, projects with a higher priority will not be submitted, and the step will fail. 

If the projects have FlexFields or Inputs defined, values must be provide on the stage execution info screen.  If the values are required and not specified, the underlying workflow execution will fail.