Runs Maven operations on a Maven project folder.

As of version, it is possible to configure the plugin to use external Maven installs and to setup environment variables for use be the plugin operation.


Environment/Instance Properties

Property Name

Property Code



Maven Home



If it is desired to use an external Maven, fill in the Maven Home up to but not including the bin folder here. Otherwise, the internal Maven 3.05 will be used.

(e.g. /opt/apache/maven/3.3.3)

The folder should have a bin folder inside it with the maven executable (mvn or mvn.cmd)

Maven Environment ScriptFDMVN_MAVEN_ENV_SCRIPTNo

If necessary, provide a script to source variables for use by the Maven Plugin.

This script can refer to other scripts,

(e.g. . /home/oracle/.bash_profile)

or if you don't have a script to run, you can export directly

(e.g. export MAVEN_HOME=/opt/apache/maven/3.3.3;export M2_HOME=/opt/apache/maven/home)


Project Properties

Property Name

Property Code





Input Name

Input Code



Project Location



Path to the project which contains a POM file. If a relative path is given, a path inside FD_TEMP_DIR will be assumed.

In older versions of the plugin, it had been required. Please upgrade to the latest plugin version.

Run Phases



Space-delimited Maven life cycle phases to execute (e.g. clean package).
For more information, see the Lifecycle Guide.




Space-delimited argument list (e.g. -B -fae).


If checked, artifacts will be saved to the Artifacts folder automatically. Otherwise, you may want to place a saveArtifacts step after this.

All files present directly in the subfolder location are copied if checked.


Subfolder inside the Project Location where artifacts are generated by Maven.

Defaults to "target"

If your artifacts need to come from another location, specify it instead.



Output Name





This operation produces artifacts if the FDMVN_INP_ARTIFACTS_SUBFOLDER option is checked. Otherwise you may wish to use the file plugin to move the correct files to the artifacts folder later in the workflow.


Endpoint Selection

This operation delegates endpoint selection to the workflow developer. The workflow editor will default the selection to "All", which selects all available endpoints associated to the environment instance.

Selecting a specific resource will result in selection of endpoints associated to the environment instance which have that resource defined.


Endpoint Execution

This operation delegates endpoint execution to the workflow developer. The workflow editor will default to "Any", which will execute on any one of the selected endpoints, which will be randomly picked from selected endpoints or a specific endpoint where previous step may have executed. Changing this value to "All" to will result in execution on all selected endpoints.

Special Considerations

As of June 2018, the insecure TLS 1.0 & 1.1 protocols are no longer supported for SSL connections to Maven Central.

  • If your endpoint is using HTTP to access Central, or Java 8+ with HTTPS URLs, you are not affected.
  • If your  endpoint is running Java 7, it supports TLS 1.2 butit is disabled by defaultin versions before 1.7.0_131-b31. An easy workaround is to add this code to the Arguments input of the workflow operation.

  • If your endpoint is on Java 6, you will need to switch back to HTTP or upgrade to a more modern Java version.
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