Installation Instructions - Database Tier

This page provides the system requirements and installation instructions for the FlexDeploy database tier.

Supported Databases

FlexDeploy requires one of the following databases to be installed and running.

  • Oracle XE, version 11.2
  • Oracle Standard, version 11.2
  • Oracle Enterprise, version 11.2
  • Oracle Standard, version 12.1
  • Oracle Enterprise, version 12.1

Installation Instructions

FlexDeploy has three schemas (FD, FF, and FD_ADMIN) which must be created, and populated with its seed data.

Run these database scripts from where you extracted downloaded FlexDeploy zip file. Navigate to the /database/install directory, and run the following SQL scripts using sqlplus.

Use of Tablespaces

Database scripts documented below will create FF, FD and FD_ADMIN schemas with USERS tablespace as default tablespace. You can either change to use different tablespace (update CreateFF.sql, FDOracleCreateSchema.sql) or configure USERS tablespace with appropriate storage configurations. The recommendation is to start with at least 20GB of available space, at least 2GB of RAM and a minimum of 1 or 2 CPUs. Purge settings within FlexDeploy will determine future needs. Normal database backup procedures should be followed.

The AL32UTF8 character set is a good choice.

Backup Considerations

Customers should follow their standard practices for Database and File System(Artifact Repository) backup. During upgrade procedure, we have defined steps to take complete backup of database and file system as well.

You must be in /database/install folder in extracted zip, launch sqlplus(use full path if not available on PATH environment), login as sys or system and then run both scripts one after another.

Note - requires running as a user like system or sys with privileges to create users and objects within those schema users

  • CreateFlexDeploySchemas.sql <password>
    • password – the password to use for FD, FF, and FD_ADMIN users, which are created by this script.
    • Example: @CreateFlexDeploySchemas.sql welcome1
    • Results are automatically spooled to a file called CreateFlexDeploySchemas.out


Oracle sqlus is part of the Oracle Client, and may be executed on any host which has it installed. If the Oracle Client is not installed on the same host as where you are installing FlexDeploy, you can copy the /database directory from your distribution to any host which does.

To launch sqlplus:

export ORACLE_HOME=<your Oracle Home directory>
export ORACLE_SID=<the SID of your database>
$ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus (login as sys or system when prompted)
SQL> <<execute scripts as shown above>>

See Windows example below. As you run scripts specified above, you will see output on screen and it will be spooled in file as well in same folder.

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