FlexDeploy - webMethods Plugin Guide

This plugin is used to automate build and deploy operation of webMethods Integration Server(ESB) assets and execute server operations such as Start, Stop, Restart of Integration Server instances. webMethods Plugin automates Build and Deploy processes for integration assets with help of webMethods ABE and WMDeployer components.

FlexDeploy platform enables Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery capabilities which would be applicable for for webMethods Integration Server packages as well. 

Asset Build Environment(ABE)

ABE comes with a set of Build scripts that are used in building the checked out code from source control systems and generating deployer composites. It is used to automate the Build process for a repository based deployment scenario. This is packaged along with the webMethods product suite.

webMethods Deployer

WMDeployer is a tool used to deploy a wide variety of webMethods assets belong to various application integration components that reside on source webMethods runtime components (runtimes) or repositories to target webMethods runtimes. Deployer and its Command Line scripts are offered directly out-of-the-box to support automated deployments. 

Supported Versions

  • Latest version of SoftwareAG-webMethods10 product suite has been tested.

  • Older versions of webMethods server should work as well, but have not been tested.

  • webMethods ESB Assets (IntegrationServer packages) are supported for build and deployments.

Key Features

  • Easily configurable.

  • Supports webMethods Deployer’s repository-based deployment as recommended by SoftwareAG.

  • Deployment of Packages is supported for standalone webMethods servers and the cluster.
  • Facilitates automatic Deployer project creation using webMethods Project Automator script. This will reduce the manual efforts that are spent today and avoid human errors during deployments.

  • End to end Traceability and Visibility from Source Control to Build & Deployment phases.

  • Plugin handles build for both SCM checked out code and developer exported source code from webMethods Designer as well.
  • Plugin enforce version based build management and helps consistency across environment of the releases, repeatable releases etc.

  • Source Control Repositories supported by FlexDeploy (such as Git, Subversion, TFVC, CVS, PVCS and Perforce) can be used easily, for other Source Control Repositories use generic plugins to extract source code.
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