The Oracle WebLogic plugin leverages WLST scripting to simplify the deployment to and the management of WebLogic servers.

Supported Versions

Key Features

Plugin Operations

Example Workflows

Simply create workflow with name and type shown below, click Save, go to Definition, click Source button, then download source code replace entire contents on Source popup.

Workflow NameWorkflow TypeSource CodeDescription
Build WebLogic ConfigurationsBuildBuild WebLogic Configurations.xmlExtract configuration property files from supported SCM and save as artifacts for use during deploy
Deploy WebLogic ConfigurationsDeployDeploy WebLogic Configurations.xmlDeploy build artifact property files, i.e. create or update data source, eis entries, jms objects, work managers etc.


If you want to detect changes in WebLogic resource (properties) files and only deploy changed files, you can implement custom workflow as defined in Custom Workflow to detect changes in Properties Files.