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Exports a specified Library from the given OIC instance.  Results are saved in a Jar artifact.


Either FDOIC_CLOUD_ACCOUNT_CODE environment instance property value or FDOIC_INP_CLOUD_ACCOUNT_CODE plugin input value should exist. When both exists, plugin input value will take precedence. See Creating/Editing a Cloud Account and Provider for details on how to setup Cloud Account for OIC.

Environment/Instance Properties


Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription
Library IdentifierFDOIC_LIBRARY_IDENTIFIERYesLibrary Identifier (Code) to export.  

Insert excerpt
OIC Cloud Account Properties
OIC Cloud Account Properties


Input NameInput CodeRequiredDescription
FDOIC_INP_CLOUD_ACCOUNT_CODENoThe OIC account with all the required properties like Base URI, Username and Password for running OIC Instance.
OIC Library VersionFDOIC_INP_LIBRARY_VERSIONNoOptional Library Version to export.  Leave blank to export last updated version.  Version id should be of the format (01.02.0000)