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A workflow is an orchestration of steps which define a build or deployment process. These steps can be a combination of plugin operations or basic workflow operations such as variable assignment, conditionals, or looping constructs.



Pre-deploy workflow will execute when a deploy request it submitted. The project should have the Pre-deploy workflow selected in the configuration screen. The workflow inputs for Pre-deploy should be setup to match the corresponding Deploy workflow of the project. The deploy workflow's inputs will show on the project deployment and release configuration screen. If they aren't also present in the Pre-deploy workflow, the data will not make it through to the deploy workflow.

The Pre-deploy workflow inputs flow into the Deploy workflow inputs. For this to work, workflow developers must use the same name and data type for the Pre-deploy output(with "Return As Output" selected) and Deploy input variables in the respective workflows.

Workflows are configured on each project which allows project to perform Build and Deploy operations and in case of Utility projects allows for execution of desired commands. The Pre-deploy workflow can be used to perform any review for certain deployments like Terraform, Database etc prior to running actual Deploy operations to eliminate any unwanted changes in an environment.


If you want to control project version based on discovery made during build workflow execution, then return FD_BUILD_VERSION output from build workflow. The version can only contain Letters, Numbers, Underscore, Dot and Dash.

Maintain Workflows

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