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At the completion of this section, you will:


Configure the File saveArtifacts operation by adding it to the center pane and the plugin will open for additional configuration. The saveArtifacts operation is used to save files from the workflow temp folder into the FlexDeploy Artifacts Repository.  At the successful completion of the workflow, the cloned property file will automatically be pulled back to the artifact repository.  Select OK

  1. All plugin inputs can be a literal value, or a Groovy expression. Click the icon to change the input to Groovy
  2. This is the Variable Lookup button, clicking this will open a window to help find variables to use in the Groovy expression
  3. Start typing a variable name in this box, and select the variable name we want to use. We're using FDBLD_GIT_SOURCE1_SPARSE_CHECKOUT_FOLDERS. 
  4. After selecting the variable, press Copy and Return to copy the variable name and close the popup
  5. Paste the variable in the Groovy input box
  6. A filter for selecting which files are saved into the artifact repository


The plugins are intelligent and eliminate as much development work as possible from the developers.  Once the components are added, the workflow needs to be saved and/or activated.  Saving the workflow changes will only save the current configuration to the database and is used when the developer may not be quite ready to activate these changes.  When the developer wants the changes to be executed by projects, the Activate button must be selected.  Once the current version of the workflow is activated, the workflow will be marked as read-only and have a green check mark next to it.  Active versions can't be modified and require the developer to select Make Copy.  This will create a new version and open that version up for editing, while the active version will not be changed.