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Run command example below uses port number 8004 for access to FlexDeploy application, which maps to 8080 port inside docker container. The database is referenced using dbtype (mysql, oracle , or postgres), FLEX_DB_URL environment variable and FD_ADMIN_PWD is password for fd_admin user on your database (setup done in Step 2). Adjust Port Numbers, URL, Password, Docker Volume Folder, Timezone as appropriate for your docker host.

Code Block
docker run --name flexdeploy56 -p 8004:8080 -e FLEX_DB_URL="jdbc:oracle:thin:@" -e FD_ADMIN_PWD="welcome1" -e TZ=America/Chicago -e dbtype=oracle|postgres|mysql -v /scratch/DockerVolume/flexdeploy:/home/oracle flexdeploy/fd_tcat


titleExample JDBC URL (FLEX_DB_URL)

Now you can look at logs and other details in docker volume folder. For example,