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 tool for developing reports against data stored in an Oracle database, consisting of Oracle Reports Developer and Oracle Application Server Reports Services.

Object Type Identification



Object Type Attributes

NameCodeDescriptionDefault ValueSupported Values
SourceSOURCEObject Source Location Type


Target LocationTARGET_LOCATIONPath to where the file should be deployed to.$<PROD_TOP>/reports/
CountryCOUNTRYSpecifies the current country of the session.

Target File PermissionsFILE_PERMISSIONSPermissions to apply to the file after it is deployedDefaults to the project property FDEBS_FILE_PERMISSIONS

Related Project Properties

NameCodeDescriptionDefault Value
EBS Reports Root Source DirectoryFDEBS_REPORTS_ROOT_SOURCE_DIRSource folder for Reports (e.g. report).reports
EBS Reports Root Destination Directory
FDEBS_REPORTS_ROOT_DESTINATION_DIRTarget directory for report files (e.g. $XXAR_TOP/reports).$<PROD_TOP>/reports
File PermissionsFDEBS_FILE_PERMISSIONSTarget File Permission. Will be set to target file after deployment using chmod. eg: 755