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The Oracle Business Intelligence plugin provides operations to manage the Web Catalog objects and RPD repository files within Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)  or Oracle Analytics Server (OAS).


  • Supports both OBIEE and Oracle Analytics Server (OAS)
  • Source RPD and WebCatalog from SCM or Development environment.
  • Supports FlexDeploy Full as well as Partial Deployments for WebCatalog objects.
    • Partial deployment option allows users to select various objects (aka Package) for deployment. Change detection and reporting is done for each individual object.
  • Property replacement via configuration files for RPD and Datamodel.
  • Operations to support synching WebCatalog objects to a source code repository.


This plugin supports two models of management for Web Catalog objects, derived by the selected project type.

Oracle BI

This project type is equivalent to the pre- model, and was previously name Oracle Business Intelligence.  The web catalog project files are populated into various object types, making it easier to filter by those types.

Oracle BI 2.0

This project type is new for and matches the model introduced by the Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) support in  The web catalog project files are populated into a single object type, called WebCatalog, making it easier to locate a set of files matching a file path or naming convention.  To identify the type of each file, the object name is artificially decorated with an extension matching the OBIEE object type.  For example, /shared/Sample Lite.Folder or /shared/Sample Lite/DailyReview.Report.

Both models are supported, with the only caveat being that you cannot change the project type of an existing project once the project files have been populated. Instead, you must create a new project.  While nothing will prevent you from changing the type on the project you will encounter unexpected behavior, and this is not a supported function.   

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