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Start a JDBC data source. A JDBC data source is an object bound to the JNDI tree that provides database connectivity through a pool of JDBC connections. To use the plugin a single data source and one or more servers/clusters must be provided.


Property NameProperty CodeRequiredDescription
Weblogic Server or Cluster Name(s)FDWLS_SERVER_OR_CLUSTER_NAMESYesComma separated string containing WebLogic Server or Cluster name(s).
It is assumed that you are using managed server or cluster of same name in various environments.
Weblogic Data Source NameFDWLS_DATA_SOURCE_NAMEYesThe JDBC data source name.


Input NameInput CodeRequiredDescription
Server or Cluster Name(s)FDWLS_INP_SERVER_OR_CLUSTER_NAMESNoWebLogic Server or Cluster name(s) for start data source operation. Overrides the Weblogic Server or Cluster Name(s) project property.
Data Source NameFDWLS_INP_DATA_SOURCE_NAMENoThe JDBC data source name.. Overrides the Weblogic Data Source Name project property.


Output NameDescription


This operation doesn’t consume or produce any artifacts.

Endpoint Selection

This operation will select all available endpoints associated to the environment instance which have a resource type of WLS Admin Server. Since the admin server only runs on one server, it is expected that for a given domain, there will only be one endpoint with a resource type set to WLS Admin Server.

Endpoint Execution


This operation will execute on the Admin Server endpoint selected using the WLS Admin Server resource type.

Special Considerations