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To edit an existing template, click the link under the Template column.

Edit Template

The Edit Template screen shows some basic template information as well as the template components. The <>Custom header shown below indicates it's a custom template.




Template Name

The name of the template.


Associate an event for the template (e.g. Workflow Request Completed). You can also assign more than one event to the same template.

Email Subject

The script to be used for email subject for the event(s).

Email BodyThe script to be used for email body for the event(s).
PayloadThe payload is used in the code editor to give suggestions of what variables and methods are available when accessing the $payload variable, as this will vary depending on the event. If more than one event is associated to this template, use this to switch between the selected events.

Template Components

The Email Subject and Email Body fields show the script needed to generate the content for the email message. FlexDeploy provides rich set of APIs to generate the HTML content. See the Java docs for more details on the functions which can be referenced with the $FLEXDEPLOY object. You can also use your custom styles as needed. For help with syntax of the Velocity Template Language (VTL) and examples, see the Apache Velocity User Guide


Both Subject and Body will be able to reference the payload object related to an event. Using the shortcuts, you will be able to access all the data associated to an event using the variable $payload. The below table shows the events and associate payload objects.