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Template Name

Name of the template.


Associate event(s) for the template.

Template Components

The elements needed to create a template. Email template has Subject and Body elements for each Event.

Email Subject

The script to be used for the email subject for the selected event.

Email BodyThe script to be used for the email body for the selected event.

The payload is used in the code editor to give suggestions of what variables and methods are available when accessing the $payload variable. You can choose any event that is associated to this the template.

Send Test

The Send Test can be used to test the template and verify the data and styles looks look as expected from your email client. By default, it sends a test email to the logged in user's email. You can add other additional FlexDeploy users to receive the test email or use an external email as well.


Another way to test is by previewing directly in your in a browser window. This option can be used to preview the HTML and verify if the script is returning the expected output for the components.