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titleAbout FlexDeploy REST APIs

Version 1 of the FlexDeploy APIs follow accepted REST standards for services and have the following differences from that of version 0:

  • Version 1 uses Basic Authentication, whereas version 0 passes the credentials in the JSON payload.
  • Version 1 provides various GET, POST, PUT, and PATCH services whereas version 0 provides only POST.
  • Version 1 uses ids for referenced objects, where as version 0 uses names or codes. In version 1 there are GET services to lookup objects by name and code, and you can use the id from the returned object as input into other POST, PUT, or PATCH services.
  • Version 1 returns JSON representation of the associated object, whereas version 0 returns nothing or simple ids of the object.  Version 1 makes it easier to chain a series of API calls together when integrating from other tools in your tool chain, just as Jira and Jenkins.

We are in the process of migrating all services from version 0 to version 1, and deprecating version 0 as each service is migrated.  You should utilize the version 1 service where available.

In order to use Basic Authentication with WebLogic, please set enforce-valid-basic-auth-credentials to false in domain. You can add following after <node-manager-password-encrypted> in <security-configuration> tag.

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It should be in this order: (AdminServer must be stopped to make changes in config.xml directly). You will also need to restart FlexDeploy managed server.

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Or, use wlst to set the property:

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