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FlexDeploy’s Mule plugin provides operations to deploy Mule applications to Cloud and On-Premises installations.   

Mule provides many kinds of server installations; CloudHub, Anypoint Runtime, Standalone Enterprise or Community Edition. Handling Mule Application deployments to these different kinds of servers is quite different. Managing the properties across environments manually is challenging. The FlexDeploy Mule plugin clears up this confusion by allowing one deployment management tool to deploy to any Mule environments.


Supported Versions


Older versions of standalone server should work as well, but have not been tested.


Key Features

  • Building Mule Applications and Domains.
  • Deploying Mule Applications to CloudHub.
  • Deploying Mule Applications to Server/Cluster/Group using Anypoint Runtime Manager.
  • Deploying Applications to Standalone Enterprise Server/Cluster.
  • Deploying Application using Runtime Agent.
  • Deploying Applications to Standalone Community Edition.
  • Continuous Integration from different SCMs (SubVersion, Git, TFS, Perforce, ClearCase etc).
  • Properties Management across environments.
  • Allows you to switch from one server model to other with simple configurations.
  • Provides complete visibility across environments.
  • FlexDeploy provides approvals and scheduled windows to manage deployments better.
  • Provides ways to stop or undeploy cloud applications when not needed.
  • Manages all configurations needed to control and manage your Mule Application sizing requirements on CloudHub.


 Plugin Operations

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