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Oracle BI plugin supports full as well as partial deployment projects. Partial deployment project can be created of "Oracle Business Intelligence" type to manage object types defined in next section. RPD deployment is only supported as full deployment project.

  • Project can be either source data from Backend (Oracle BI server in development) or SCM (any supported SCM type). This was changed in to allow only one or the other option in project to avoid confusion.
  • Select SCM Type as None, if you want to perform development environment to other environments migration. Keep in mind that artifacts are still captured at build time in FlexDeploy repository to allow for reproducible deployments.
  • Folder deployment in partial deployment mode, only deploys Folder without any of it's children objects. You can select individual children objects as necessary in package for deployment.
  • Objects in files list can not be sequenced for this project type. If necessary, user can control sequencing when building package.
  • If necessary you can move objects from one type to other.
  • See Source control webcatalog objects for more details on how you can source files from SCM.