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Input NameInput CodeRequiredDescription

Smart Import


NImport will only take place if changes are detected in the implementation or publication of the API.  This prevents unnecessary API iteration increases.
API GrantsFDOAP_INP_API_GRANTSNMultiselect list of grants to grant to the group(s) specified in the Grantee Groups input
Grantee GroupsFDOAP_INP_GROUPSNGroups or Users are required if API Grants are specified.  Oracle Paas group to receive API Grants.  If multiple then separate with a comma.  Group1,Group2
Grantee Users


NGroups or Users are required if API Grants are specified. Oracle users to receive API Grants.
Update References



Will query target environment for reference ids and replace them before importing.

  • Always - Always attempt to replace references found in the .references file. If no .references file exists in the artifact repository then an exception will be thrown
  • WhenFound - References will only be imported when the .references file is found. This is the default behavior
  • Never - Never replace references even if the file is found.

See ExportAPI Special Considerations for more information on replacing references.

Apiary Token @since

Refresh token for Apiary. If you have apiary documentation linked in any APIs then this should be set. See Generating an Apiary Token below.

If the import process detects Apiary Documentation and no Token is set your API import will still succeed but the documentation may not be linked properly and you will see a warning in the logs.


Output NameDescription
FDOAP_OUT_API_ITERATIONThe API iteration after importing
FDOAP_OUT_API_IDThe API id after importing.  If the API already exists it will not change the id.