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Input Name

Input Code




The path to the Docker File to build. If empty Dockerfile is used as the name, and it is searched as specified in the next line.

If an absolute path is given, it is used. Otherwise the file is checked for relative to the FD_TEMP_DIR and any checkout folders.

Docker File ArgumentsFDDKR_INP_DOCKER_FILE_ARGSNoThe docker file arguments to use. These are the ARG instructions in the docker file.  KeyValue pairs should be separated by "|" and the key and value should be separated by ",".  Example: key1,value|key2,value|key3,value

The image name/repository to create the image in.  This is the REPOSITORY column when running the command 'docker images'.

The image repository should be in lowercase

Image TagFDDKR_INP_IMAGE_TAGNoThe tag to apply to the image. Use comma separated values to specify multiple tags. Example: 'latest, 1.2.3'.