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On some other instances including some Oracle Cloud instances, it may be necessary to either change lines 7+8 by removing the /local or by adding symlinks in /usr. The git executable must be on the path without running the .bash_profile or any other scripts because FlexDeploy won't run those scripts when SSHing to the endpoint.

Token authentication is required for GIT operations

Personal access tokens (PATs) are an alternative to using passwords for authentication to GitHub when using the GitHub API or the command line. 
To create a Personal access token follow the below link
While generating Key Scope items is completely based on your requirement.
Basic permission to grant this token is required, Repo- Full control of private repositories
Admin:repo_hook- read:repo_hook read repository hooks for a clone, If you are doing commit from FlexDeploy then you need write:repo_hook
After generates token, In FlexDeploy, Update GIT password with the token at GIT Instance under Topology - Integrations - Source control tab
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