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The statements in the SQL files must be delimited properly.

The FDJDBC_RUN_DESTRUCTIVE input allows a mechanism for disallowing certain destructive SQL commands. If the input is set to true: DROP, DELETE, and TRUNCATE will be allowed within the script. If the input is set to false: the plugin operation will abort with a validation error prior to running any of the commands in the script. This check cannot stop malicious actors, but instead helps to provide some security against accidental running of destructive commands. It is up to the customer to decide whether they want to allow such commands.

Sequence File for multi-file processing:

If you want to execute multiple SQL scripts, instead of specifying an SQL file within the FDJDBC_INP_FILE_NAME input, a file containing an ordered list of SQL files to execute may be used. The plugin will detect whether a SQL file or a sequence file has been specified based on the format of the file. The format of a sequence file is as follows:

Code Block

The !SEQ line (must be the first line) at the top of the file indicates a sequence file. After the sequence line, an ordered list of files to run follows.

Replacement Properties

The SQL files are pre-processed by the plugin to transform any defined replacement properties.  An example usage of replacement properties is when the schema name cannot be hard-coded because it varies from environment to environment.