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Property Name

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Docker FileFDDKR_INP_DOCKER_FILENoThe path to a Docker file to use in creation of a container. Setting this will ignore Image Name.
Docker File Arguments (Coming Soon)FDDKR_INP_DOCKER_FILE_ARGSNoThe docker file arguments to use. These are the ARG instructions in the docker file.  KeyValue pairs should be separated by "|" and the key and value should be separated by ",".  Example: key1,value|key2,value|key3,value
Container Input Param (Coming Soon)FDDKR_INP_CONTAINER_INPUT_PARAMNoString parameter to pass when we create the container.  Often used in combination with an ENTRYPOINT in the image.
Image Name



The name of an image to get from DockerHub. Only use this if Docker File is not set.

Exposed PortsFDDKR_INP_EXPOSED_PORTSNoA comma separated list of ports to expose.
VolumesFDDKR_INP_VOLUMESNoA comma separated list of volumes to attach.