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The Oracle ADF Builder plugin is a Docker image capable of building projects and applications through JDeveloper 12.1.3. For example, you can build

  • EAR or WAR files for deployment to an Application Server
  • ADF Library JAR files for use with JDeveloper applications as dependencies.
  • MAR files for ADF customizations.

You should checkout or export code for entire JDeveloper application from SCM prior to running this operation. Checkout or Export can be easily done if you configure project with Source details.

It is good practice to create FlexDeploy project with name that matches JDeveloper application name.


Key Features

  • Build Java Enterprise Archive (EAR), Web Archive (WAR) and Metadata Archive (MAR) files for JDeveloper applications.
  • Build Java archive (JAR) files for JDeveloper project(s).
  • Build ADF Library JAR files for JDeveloper project(s).
  • Executes against source exported from an SCM (e.g. SVN or Git Plugin).


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