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Provides the ability to start a composite(s) on the SOA server.  This operation will handle all revisions for a given composite to ensure that the default revision doesn't change as revisions are started.  The default revision is always started, other revisions can be controlled by an "Start All Revisions" input.

Environment/Instance Properties


Input Name

Input Code




Composites FileFDSOA_INP_COMPOSITES_FILENoComplete path, including file name, to file that contains the composites to start.
Composite Name ListFDSOA_INP_COMPOSITE_NAME_LISTNoComma separated list of composites to start.  Optional can prefix a partition on the composite name, (<partition:>composite1, composite2)
Start All RevisionsFDSOA_INP_START_ALL_REVISIONSNoProvide the option to leave all composites stopped, with the exception of the default revision (default value is False).
Composite Revision



Provide specific revision to start .(this is for backwards compatibility)

Make Default Revision



Make the newly started composite the default .(this is for backward compatibility)



Output Name





This operation doesn't consume or produce any artifacts.


This operation will execute on any one of the selected endpoints and will be random in the determination of which one.

Special Considerations


This operation has two independent capabilities:

  • starting multiple composites/revisions
    • utilizes "Composites Files" or "Composite Name List" and "Start All Revisions" inputs
      • if utilizing "Composite Files", there can be several variations of file name;
        1. just a file name, will look in the temp directory for the given file name
        2. relative path, will only look for the relative path within the temp directory for the given file name
        3. absolute path, will only look at the absolute path for the given file
    • either input provides a list of composite names that must use the following format: <partition:>composite1,composite2 (partition is optional)
    • the default revision is started first and then all non-default revisions will be started if the "Start All Revisions" input is checked.  This will hold the default revision and not allow SOA Suite to move it.  If a composite is in two partitions, then specify the partition in the above format to direct the operation to the correct composite.
  • starting a single revision (this is the backwards compatibility capability)
    • utilizes "Composite Revision" and "Make Default Revision" inputs to control what revision to start and whether it should be the default revision