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There are no special requirements for the Endpoint where this operation will execute.

As of plugin version, this operation also supports partial build.  Partial build creates a build artifact containing file(s) and folder(s) selected on the Project Files tab of a project. When using partial build, the plugin will generate a zip file named {{FD_PROJECT_NAME}}.zip . Note that the structure of this file will match the folder structure from SCM, even if the TARGET attribute is set to a different path. This is so the user can easily change the target and redeploy to MDS to update the file path inside of MDS without having to rebuild the entire project. 


Attribute Name

Attribute Code



Target PathTARGET


The path in MDS where the file should be placed. Default value is the SCM file path.


Weather Whether or not to perform property replacement replacemeent on individual files. Defaults to the value of FDMDS_PROPERTY_REPLACEMENT.