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The FlexDeploy ClearCase plugin makes it easy to interact with source code stored in the IBM Rational ClearCase UCM repository. Customers need to provide location of ClearCase teamapi folder as plugin uses a Java based API to interact with ClearCase UCM. FlexDeploy allows users to configure ClearCase UCM repository connection details in instances which are shared by various projects. The project specific configuration is stored separately in the projects which allows for easy export and label operations during workflow executions.

  • Create an SCM Instance for ClearCase and define the URL, User and Password information. You can also validate the connection when creating SCM Instances.
  • Inside of your projects, select ClearCase as SCM Type, select the instance that you created, and provide details like Project VOB, VOB Paths, Stream, Label etc. which are defined as Groovy scripts.
  • Make sure ClearCase plugin operation is added on Instance where ClearCase plugins will execute.

To use ClearCase with FlexDeploy, you will need to copy some jar files from your ClearCase server or ClearTeam Explorer installation into your server lib folder.

  • Find all jar files in the folder of your ClearCase server or ClearTeam Explorer installation, and copy them to the FlexDeploy server lib folder. 

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      • commons-codec-1.3.jar
      • commons-httpclient-3.0.jar
      • commons-lang-2.3.jar
      • commons-logging-1.0.4.jar
      • icu4j-4_8.jar
      • icu4j-charset-4_8.jar
      • stpcc.jar
      • stpclientws.jar
      • stpcmmn.jar
      • stpcq.jar
      • stpwvcm.jar
      • remote_core.jar
      • teamapiextensions.jar
      • ucleardiffmerge.jar
      • unicodetypemgr.jar

      • If you're having trouble locating the jars, try looking in the Installation Manager's plugin folder. (e.g. /opt/IBM/IMShared/plugins/

  • On WebLogic Server the lib folder path is  <DOMAIN_HOME>/lib

  • On Tomcat Server the lib folder path is <TOMCAT_HOME>/lib