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FlexDeploy (



titlePackage Details
  • Tomcat Application -
  • WebLogic Application -
  • Updated Plugins - Kubernetes, EBS, SVN, SOA
  • New Plugins - Kubernetes


  • [FLEXDEPLOY-459] - New REST API to promote project version to release.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-298] - SOA Plugin, allow deploying composites in off state.

Bug Fixes

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-287] - Endpoint - copying endpoint does not copy username.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-456] - EBS - add ; at end of file if necessary. For example, If there is only view in the SQL file without ; at the end, sqlplus fails to create the view.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-457] - EBS - add SHOW ERRORS in deploy command if not present for SQL files.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-529] - EBS - build command fails if there is space in file or path.

  • [FLEXDEPLOY-643] - SVN - tag operation has an invalid output in it.

New Plugins

  • Kubernetes

FlexDeploy (09-15-2018)


  • [FLEXDEPLOY-267] - Home - Approval & Scheduled task count now includes release based task and both counts are for Tasks assigned to logged in user.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-355] - Release Security - Create/Update permission can be independently granted to only control Release name and description. Other permissions like Configure Project List, Configure CMS do not require Create/Update permission.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-377] - Pipeline Execution - Boolean variable is not working in Precondition script.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-440] - Rebuild package now initializes branch name based on selected previously built package. Other details like files, flexfields, workflow inputs were already being initialized from selected package.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-451] - Microsoft TFVC Plugin - Get operation is not working when change set is not provided.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-479] - NullPointerException fix during HP UFT test parse.

New Plugins

  • Oracle Integration Cloud Plugin
    • allows export and import of Integration from and to OIC.


  • [FLEXDEPLOY-1] - Release Dashboard shows snapshot content as empty on older projects if the project/package is removed from the Release after execution.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-3] - Test Automation Dashboard does not show all Projects, Set, Definitions.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-7] - When populating groups from active directory the first time, they are not sorted.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-33] - Plugin logs show **** in many places in some lines.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-35] - Foreign Key violation when setting pipeline role permissions on NEW pipeline. Edit works fine. (Constraint "PIPELINE_ROLE_PERM_PERM_FK" is violated during post operation "Insert")
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-36] - NullPointerException clicking on Team tab from Security tab on Pipeline.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-37] - Missing enum and missing image for Queued status on dashboard.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-42] - Testing Tool name should not be updatable.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-48] - EBS project issue - no such property "FILE_PERMISSIONS" can't move files from “Script” object type to “Script with execution” object type.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-61] - Add File button on Build Request Form (Partial) should not do anything if user has not entered any file name.
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-180] - EBS Publisher XML file extract fails with ls: cannot access
  • [FLEXDEPLOY-202] - Abort snapshot link is no longer available in release dashboard for external realm users.

New Plugins

  • ServiceNow

FlexDeploy (06-23-2018)