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  • Disk space on the FlexDeploy server of at least 4GB.
  • For Cloud based install, this storage should be on the Java Cloud Instance hosting FlexDeploy.


  • As this file system contains only temporary files, there is no reason to backup this directory.
  • Availability of space within the server working directory is critical to functioning of the FlexDeploy platform. Therefore, the filesystem should be monitored and space should be allocated as necessary. In addition, it is recommended that this be a separate mount point.
  • Files in this directory which are older than one day will be purged automatically to help effectively manage the size.
  • For Cloud base install, Oracle does not supported creating application data under the /u01 mount point. Therefore, you must create a separate storage volume, attach it to your Java Cloud Service instance, and mount a directory to the underlying disk. See for instructions.

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