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  • Supports the standard MSBuild Lifecycle Phases for .NET Framework.
  • Supports 16.3.0 7 and lower versions (TODO, testing with 2015/6 MSBuild to validate this)
  • Allows to pass arguments as well as properties.

Key Features

  • Supports multiple .NET project extensions like "sln", "csproj", "vbproj", "vcxproj", "dbproj", "fsproj", "pyproj", "rbproj", "wixproj", "vdproj", "isproj", "pssproj", "modelproj", "sln".
  • A plugin can execute based on a project source folder or an MSBuild project file name with any one of the extensions mentioned above.
  • The plugin will always look for the first matching extension or a file name to execute the build.